Food And Atmosphere At Hawker Hall


Every time I walk or drive past Hawker Hall, it always seems busy and I’ve always wanted to go in. When Ms. DeG suggested it for a midweek evening catch up, I didn’t hesitate in accepting her invitation.

I arrived first and asked for a table for two. It was just after 6pm on a Tuesday evening so I was a little surprised that there were only two tables available, we were lucky! The menu is physically huge and the waitress explained that it was made for sharing. I had a quick look over it before Ms. DeG arrived but I got so lost in the amount of options. I decided that ordering a wine might be a good place to start.Ms DeG arrived shortly and I ordered a White Wine and she ordered a Moscow Mule.

Hawker Hall, South Yarra, Lifestyle by Lily, Melbourne, Food Blogger

We were busy chatting when the waitress came back to take our order so we asked her what she would recommend. She circled a few menu items and said that she would be back in a few minutes for our decision. We more or less went with all of her options except for the seafood suggestion (I am allergic to shellfish).

First to arrive were the Xian Style Stir Fried Pork Mince w. Egg Noodle & Pickled Green Chilli ($15). Wow, this dish packed a spice punch! We both really enjoyed the beef mince and the noodles on this dish. I would definitely recommend this dish! It was certainly our favourite dish!

Hawker Hall, South Yarra, Lifestyle by Lily, Melbourne, Food Blogger

Next were the Wok Tossed Chicken Bits ($15). Another great recommendation from our waitress. The sticky sauce coating the outside of the wings was scrumptious and the wings themselves had quite a bit of meat on them, no skinny wings served here! We both really enjoyed this dish. I would say it is one of those dishes you could continue to eat no matter how full you are.

Hawker Hall, South Yarra, Lifestyle by Lily, Melbourne, Food Blogger

The last dish was our least favourite dish, the Hainanese BBQ Chicken ($19). The chicken was overcooked, dry and tasteless. The rice was also tasteless and the broth just didn’t save the dish. Neither of us enjoyed third dish and said we wouldn’t order it again.

Hawker Hall, South Yarra, Lifestyle by Lily, Melbourne, Food Blogger

I would definitely go back to Hawker Hall. We only tasted three of the many options on the menu and two tasty dishes out of three is ok in my book.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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