Deja Vu | Northbridge

I was delighted to be invited to Deja Vu to sample items from the menu.

The establishment itself is notable for its many windows allowing natural light into the restaurant and pretty views of Northbridge. We were lucky enough to meet and chat with those behind Deja Vu and learned about the passion behind the restaurant and the food. There is definitely something different about the venue in regards to the cool decor and exciting menu. 

We started off by ordering a drink from the awesome cocktail menu. My choice was as delicious as it looks! The pink drink was Real Lemonade and came with a little theatre and changed colour, it was a lot of fun. My cocktail, wow, the taste was amazing and it looked appealing too.

Perth, food blogger, vegan, dessert, northbridge,

The entree was a very tasty Seeded Damper, served with oil and balsamic for dipping and it is perfect for sharing. This looks pretty simple but it is made inhouse and the crust you can see on the top of the bread was phenomenal! I knew we were in for a treat if this was the entree.

Perth, food blogger, vegan, dessert, northbridge,

Main course was a monstrous platter of food!

I didn’t know where to start with the platter! The sliders were delicious, my favourite being the kangaroo slider, closely followed by the jackfruit slider as I had never tasted it before. I also enjoyed the chicken skewer and the macadamia satay sauce but it was a very subtle flavour compared to a peanut satay which is a little different. The sweet potato fries were fresh and crunchy and lightly seasoned. It was delicious! The platter was packed with lots of options, flavours and vibrant colours.

Perth, food blogger, vegan, dessert, northbridge,

Following that huge platter, I needed a little breather before sampling dessert. We tasted two desserts, one I was a fan of and the other, not so much.The Pistachio Cinamon Strawberry Crumble was my favourite of the two desserts. The Spice Creme Brûlée wasn’t to my particular taste but I couldn’t get enough of the crumble. We only had a sample size of the dessert and I wolfed it down!

Perth, food blogger, vegan, dessert, northbridge,

Perth, food blogger, vegan, dessert, northbridge,

The menu caters for everyone with vegan and meat lover options available. This menu, matched with an extraordinary cocktail list is a match made in heaven!

We were also told about a rooftop cocktail bar currently under construction and I cannot wait to revisit.

Thank you for the invitation!


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