Higher Ground | Melbourne CBD

That long list of breakfast places I want to visit is slowly getting ticked off and Higher Ground has been on it for quite some time.

I have been past this place before and it always seemed busy so while on a shopping day by myself, I thought it might be easier to get a table for one. I was right! I felt bad for those still waiting but there is a lot of communal seating so I slotted in perfectly to an empty seat.

There were a few things I wanted to try out, the Minced Lamb Fry Up ($21), the Eggs Benedict ($20.50) or the Slow Cooked beans ($19). I decided on the Minced Lamb Fry Up to try something different and it was certainly something different when served as a breakfast/brunch dish. I also ordered my usual Long Black to drink.

lifestyle by lily, food blogger, melbourne, breakfast, melbourne food blogger

From where I was sitting, I had a pretty great view of the whole venue. It was busy and the kitchen looked busy also. The high ceilings and various levels made the space feel very open!

After 50 minutes, my food finally arrived and to be fair, it looked pretty good. The egg yolk was perfect and there was quite the portion of minced lamb on the dish also. Unfortunately the minced lamb was not to my taste, it was extremely greasy and I put it aside and didn’t finish it. However, I did pick out all the pomegranate seeds as I love them! If you have had a big night out and you are after a greasy brekkie, this is the one for you! I enjoyed the taste of the lamb, it is one of my favourite meats but unfortunately, I wouldn’t order this dish again.

lifestyle by lily, food blogger, melbourne, breakfast, melbourne food blogger

It was fair to say that Higher Ground was a bit of a let down. When breakfast are these prices, you would expect a little more for it and to love it.

As my dish took so long, I had the coffee discounted from my bill which was a nice gesture.

My Rating: 2.0

Higher Ground Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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