The Hanging Rock


How have I only visited The Hanging Rock recently?

We organised a day trip out to The Hanging Rock with friends after seeing a picture pop up on social media. Of course, I wanted to visit at the soonest opportunity. We were aware of that there was a little bit of a walk up to the top of The Hanging Rock so we chose a day where the weather was a little bit cooler and hoped that the day would be made a little bit easier.


The trip took about an hour and a half from the city and was quite a nice drive. When we arrived there were lots of cars in the car park but we found a space quite quickly and went for somewhere that was close to a picnic bench as we planned to have a picnic before we left.


We set off on our walk up to the top of the hill. The walk itself is broken up with lots of places to stop off for a quick look out and appreciate the view. It begins with a quick history lesson about the location itself, it’s a little spooky but I love to find out the history of anywhere I visit if it’s possible.

The track itself was obviously uphill but was not overly difficult and is a mixture of path and steps. There were people of all ages walking the track and my dodgy knee didn’t let me down.

Here are a few of the snaps from the walk..




This was one of my favourite snaps of the day!

After making it back down the hill, we had our picnic and there are more than enough places to do this. There are lots of picnic benches and green areas as well as an oval!

There was a sweet little cafe and gift shop in the park also. It proved very useful as we decided to grab a takeaway coffee for the drive back to the city.

Tip: There is a park entry fee that must be paid before leaving.


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