Is That Mud On Your Face?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been very bad at taking care of myself lately. My New Year’s resolution was to be good to myself and get my hair done get a facial but I really just don’t have time.

Semester 2 of my masters is in full swing and work is so busy at the moment but it is hard to make time for myself. The chances of taking myself off for the day for a pamper session is very unlikely so I’ve been trying to do more things at home. I’ve sat many evenings through online tutorials with a full face mask and loved it.

I’ve been trying out a new face mask recently and have really enjoyed using it and I’ve been enjoying making more time for myself too.

So let’s get to the important stuff! Face Mud by Herbs and Heart is a certified organic blend of ingredients that promises to exfoliate, cleanse and nourish your skin.


What Does Face Mud Claim To Do?

Face Mud has the unique formulation of Coconut, Aloe Vera and Apricot Oils which transforms the paste into a nourishing treatment mask, exposing the skin to a healthy dose of Amino Acids, B vitamins and vitamin C.

“Face Mud is blended with the 3 elements of Manuka Honey, Orange Peel & Sandalwood. Manuka Honey activates to natural hydrogen on contact with water, drawing out impurities deeply embedded within the skin, whilst delivering a healthy dose of Amino Acids and B vitamins to provide an added anti-ageing benefit”.

What Is It Made From?

  • Face Mud is enriched with 3 main ingredients and natural preservatives.
  • Manuka Honey- draws out impurities in the skin and enhances elasticity
  • Orange peel detoxifies the skin whilst prevent blackheads, whiteheads, & acne.
  • Sandlewood- works as an anti-blemish and keeps skin soft


Is It Easy To Use?

Yes and you only need a small amount of the product each time. Mix a teaspoon amount of Face Mud with water to develop a paste. Apply to the skin in gentle circular motions. For deepernourishment, leave on skin for 2-3
minutes and simply rinse away.

What I Loved About It:

  • I am making an effort to be more self conscious about the products
  • I am using on my skin and this is 100%.
  • It’s great for sensitive skin. The texture is not too coarse.
  • The jar will last for quite some time as you don’t need too much of it.
  • It is certified organic and it is full of natural preservatives


Did My Skin Like It?

I’m not sure my skin knows what it wants to be at the moment as I have been experiencing breakouts from around around Christmas but I think the Sandalwood & Orange Peel definitely helped the breakouts and exfoliated my skin on my face and neck. The texture is not too coarse so it didn’t irritate my skin. I used the Face Mud everyday until my skin cleared up and then reduced it to 2-3 times per week. I probably used it more than that of I had make up on that day also.


How Much Does It Cost, Where Can I Get It?

$38.99 125ML

To check out Face Mud and the Herbs + Heart Range, click here

*Currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all Australian orders over $50

Happy Face Mudding Folks!


*This post was created in collaboration with Heart + Herbs

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