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Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore like me, if this is the first time that you are hearing about Smith and Daughters... Where have you been?

If you have been following me for a little while, you will know that Mr B has been following a vegan diet. Smith and Daughters was one of the first places he went for breakfast and this was rather daunting to me as I have only tried a few places that have been completely vegan.

The interior of the venue is rather fun and the menu matches it. Mr B had stalked social media and knew that he wanted the tofu scramble. I wanted to try something quite fresh as I am not a fan of tofu and I like my ‘eggs’ poached. I was a little concerned about what is in some of the dishes to make it them taste so good.

So, I decided to go for the Tomato Garlic Bread ($10) and a side of Greens, yes you read that correctly. As I mentioned Mr B went for the Scramble ($17). As you can imagine there was no long black with a side of milk my only options were soy and almond milk so guess what, I tried one of those too.

Our food came out seperately with the side of greens coming well after my Tomato Garlic Bread. The Tomato Garlic Bread was nice, that’s it really. It had a decent garlic taste but was a little soggy.

The side of greens was literally a bowl of raw greens, no dressing or seasoning…literally tipped out of the packet.

lifestyle by lily, food blogger, melbourne, breakfast, melbourne food blogger, vegan, fitzroy, smith and daughters

Mr. B’s dish looked more appetising and was quite a large portion. He has had this dish before and said this time, it looked different. The ‘Scramble’ was soggy and made the tortilla soggy too. When I say that he enjoyed this dish the first time he had it, he really loved it but this one, not so much.

Unfortunately we won’t be rushing back to Smith and Daughters, if Mr. B has been put off going must be serious!

My Rating: 3.0

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  1. My bf and I went there for lunch about three years ago on a weekend away and really loved it. They had some fantastic green juices before they became quite so ubiquitous and the food was good too. If you go back again ever maybe try lunch instead.


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