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The Burj Khalifa has to be one of the most well known buildings in the world. It currently stands as the tallest building in the world but the reality of this cannot be acknowledged or believed until you are standing in front of it.

With the assistance of the fantastic staff at our hotel, we booked a table at Atmosphere, the world’s tallest restaurant! We got dropped off at The Dubai Mall, which I believe it the largest mall in the work with 1000+ shops and an aquarium amongst other unusual attractions. The Dubai Fountain, which is the largest choreographed fountain in the world, is situated out front but it takes about ten minutes to walk around to the Armani Hotel to access the Burj Khalifa. This should be kept in mind if you plan to visit in July/August as you will be a sweaty mess by the time you walk from the fountains to the hotel. I am speaking from experience here, my partner was wearing a white shirt and it proved to be a terrible idea.

On the plus sign, we saw one the famous shows before dinner. The evening shows begin at 6pm and are every half hour until 11pm and last around 5 minutes. I believe that a different song plays each time, it is certainly a must see.

Travel, dubai, top ten things to do in dubai, Burj Kalifa, lifestyle by lily, travel blogger

Back to the Burj Khalifa! There are three options when booking an experience here, the observation decks, lounge or the restaurant and the prices are significantly different.

We had quite a specific reason for booking a table rather than a ticket for the observation deck, I will explain. If you want to go to the Burj Khalifa, you have two options:

  1. Book an Observation Deck ticket for 370-525AED depending on the time you book. Book here
  2. Book a table at the Atmosphere Lounge where the minimum spend is 350AED. Book here

The choice we opted for was the lounge so that we could get a little extra for our spend. We did not want to go to an observation deck, crowded with other tourists all trying to take the perfect picture. By booking a table in the Atmosphere Lounge, we had time, privacy and could enjoy the experience and the view. You have your table for approx. two hours which is more than enough time to enjoy some food and a glass of champagne.

At the Atmosphere level, you are only about half way up the Burj Khalifa but you look down on a sea of other skyscrapers which blows my mind.

Travel, dubai, top ten things to do in dubai, Burj Kalifa, lifestyle by lily, travel blogger

We splashed out quite a bit and had dinner and drinks in Atmosphere which is definitely unnecessary. We thought we might never have the chance again so went all out. We had a beautiful meal, I didn’t want to ruin our evening snapping pictures but I did snap my mains..it was delicious!

We were also surprised with a dessert as we were celebrating our engagement. It was a very thoughtful gesture!

We had a wonderful evening watching the show at the world’s largest choreographed fountain before food and drinks in the tallest restaurant in the world and conveniently located in the tallest building in the world. It is true when they say that Dubai truly wants the biggest and best of everything.

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