Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo

No matter where you are living on the East Coast, Sydney and the Blue Mountains is a great option for a short weekend getaway! It’s certainly one of the great things I love about living in Melbourne.

We flew into Sydney from Melbourne to arrive around 1.30pm. The train is a great option to get into the city quickly and brought us to the harbour. Then we had time for a late lunch and a glass of vino before catching the ferry over to the zoo and I really enjoyed this. It was such a beautiful view of the harbour, the bridge and we had fantastic weather! On arrival at the pier, regular buses are on hand to take you up the hill to the main entrance of the zoo.

Roar N Snore

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This was probably one of the most interesting things I have ever booked. Before I begin telling you how amazing it is, I have to mention that it is quite costly. Personally, it’s one of those things to do once, enjoy it to the max and create an amazing memory.

We had our bags taken to the camp area and began the evening with a private night safari around the zoo after everyone had left, it was amazing as you could hear the animals so clearly! After the short safari, we went to the camp reception area and were treated to wine, beers and snacks and we had some amazing close encounters with a few animals.

Dinner followed shortly after and was in the form of a generous buffet. It was held in a cafe with the most beautiful view! We made our way back to the camp reception for ice-cream before retreating to our tents for the night.

The next morning, we were woken to music that sounded like the Lion King soundtrack…it was amazing!

After breakfast, we had another private safari tour of another part of the zoo and watched a private seal show. I was not a fan of the seal show because as much as they are in captivity like other animals, I am sure they are not on this earth to perform tricks for us.

Your bag is taken to the reception area of the zoo and you are free to spend the day at the zoo if you like. We stayed for a few hours but saw all we wanted and left before it started getting really busy.

Zoos are a tricky one for me, I hate to see animals in enclosures and often wonder how happy they are. There is a conscious battle between safety in the wild and being in an unnatural habitat, but that is just me.


  • Single Tent: $480
  • Double Tent: $648

If you would like to check it out, click here

After the experience, I would say that it is a complete waste of money. While waking up in a zoo surrounded by animals and their sounds, it was not worth the price of the tickets. Yes, they say the money goes towards the animals in some way but who pays for the food and drinks we had and the wages of the staff…how much of that money goes to looking after the animals? There are many worthwhile charities out there that work hard to protect animals in their natural environments, that’s where the money is well spent, in my opinion.

Getting back to the ferry was fun on such a beautiful trip down the hill on the cable car. You pass over the zoo and I thought it was quite relaxing too!

lifestyle by lily, food blogger, sydney, roar and snore, Taronga Zoo, breakfast, melbourne food blogger

Stay tuned for more of our Sydney adventure!




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