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I feel like I say this all the time but I’ve made it to another cafe on my list…finally!

They have a very handy tool called ‘Wait Mate’. It’s an app you can use to check the wait time at a handful of cafes and put your name on the list before you arrive. It meant we only had to wait about 5minutes when we arrived and it was great. More cafes really need to get on to this app.

Anyway, on to our visit to Fourth Chapter. We got a great little table for two by the window and out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the rest of the cafe but so many people standing around us. There is quite an atmosphere of Fourth Chapter with so many people inside and a crowded doorway of people waiting for a table. We began by ordering a tea and a coffee and browsed the menu.

breakfast,food blogger,lifestyle by lily,Melbourne, Prahan, fourth chapter

It is certainly a versatile menu with lots of great options to choose from. I went with the Sweet Potato & Ricotta Waffles ($21) and Ms. B went for Egg ‘n’ Bacon Brioche ($15). I thought the menu was pretty well priced considering the portion sizes.

I really enjoyed my waffles! The turmeric pickle hollandaise was my second favourite part of the dish with the first being the bacon. I use OMG very very rarely but…OMG the bacon! It was amazing! Add two perfectly poached eggs and you have a winning dish, I wouldn’t change a single thing..perfect dish!

breakfast,food blogger,lifestyle by lily,Melbourne, Prahan, fourth chapter

The brioche burger was equally delicious. When you read that a brioche burger has grilled cheese, you can’t help but get excited! This burger would have been just as delicious without the slaw as it had lots of cheese, a great egg and the OMG bacon. You can’t go wrong with this dish either.

breakfast,food blogger,lifestyle by lily,Melbourne, Prahan, fourth chapter

I know I say it all the time but this really was a great brunch and I’d love to return and try the Baked Crumble or Hotcakes next time, maybe both together.

The only thing that is a little off putting is sitting at the window and sooo many people crowded around you waiting for tables. It would be great if those tables were an area for people to stand and wait or if people were asked to wait outside. I know it’s a small little thing but we were back to back with a rowdy group telling really embarrassing stories that we did not need to hear with our brekkie.

My Rating: 4.5

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