Melvin Kitchen | Collingwood


We picked such a beautiful Saturday to go to Melvin Kitchen as the sun was out and the courtyard was an amazing place to sit .

The menu is an American style with the portion sizes to match. We ordered coffees to begin with, my usual Long Black and an Iced Soy Latte.

Browsing the menu was tough, I had no idea what to get and there were so many meaty options I would have loved to order! In the end, I went with the Chilli Scramble ($19.50) and my foodie friend ordered The Grizz Toastie ($14.50). For dessert, we opted to share the Crispy Apple Pie Roti ($17.50).

Coffee was great but it didn’t take long for the food to arrive and my eyes lit up! I’m not sure which dish I was more excited by. I was excited to taste the mayo and as expected,it added a little more spice to the chilli scrambled eggs. I’ve never had scramble with kale and really like it, I’ve actually been adding it to my own scrambled eggs.

Check out the cheese on the toastie! I tasted this toastie and wanted more immediately. The mushrooms didn’t overpower any other element of the toastie and that melted cheese…I think you get the picture. The toastie is much more filling than you might think and another great option for my vegetarian friends. There is an option to add fries to this toastie, I would probably opt for that addition.

Last but not least, the Crispy Apple Pie Roti. Well this was just delicious. My foodie friend said it reminded her of the Mc Donalds apple pie, it was crispy on the outside and warm and sweet inside. The ice-cream on the top was a tasty addition, who doesn’t like ice-cream and apple pie.

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This post was written following an invitation to dine at Melvin Cafe. The views and opinions expressed are my own


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