The Temper Trap |Brighton

We killed two birds with one stone when we ventured to Brighton for the day, hitting up the beach and The Temper Trap. The Temper Trap is a lovely cafe in the village of Brighton with easy access and lots of parking available. We also loved that it was a 4min drive to the beach, yes, we were lazy and could have walked.

We sat in awe at some of the food coming out to the tables around us, events muffins looks spectacular. After we ordered two coffees, it was decision time on what to order. We had the flexibility of ordering from the breakfast or lunch menu but we were both more drawn to brekkie. I considered the Cheesy Croquette Benny ($20) and the Salmon Two Ways ($26) but opted for the benny in the end. My brekkie date went straight for the Sweet Potato and Zucchini Fritters ($22). No brekkie date is complete without a stack of hotcakes to share so we ordered the Hotcakes Sandwich with Homemade Peanut Butter Ice Cream ($24.90). The hotcakes are priced on the higher side of what I have seen in recent times so we thought the ice cream had to be good!

Both coffees provided the strong hit of caffeine we were after, I only wish there were more coffees I liked to order but it’s always my trusty Long Black.

Food, glorious food! I was pretty excited to have both bacon and chorizo on my benny, does it get any better than that? Yes, it does! The croquette was delicious, I only wish it was a little bigger. My eggs were perfectly poached and oozed yummy golden goodness when pierced. I would definitely recommend this dish.

The fritters were equally delicious and we guessed that they might have been shallow fried as they were not greasy in any way.

the temper trap, brighton, lifestyle by lily, food blogger, melbourne, pancakes

And last but not least, the hotcakes! We had some fun with these hotcakes before digging into them. It’s quite a large portion so we were glad to be sharing them. When you read the list of ingredients in this dish, you might think there’s a lot going on but they all magically work together. My favourite parts of this dish were the hotcakes themselves with a little ice cream and the crumble, I’m a sucker for dishes with Oreos! It goes with out saying that the dish is beautifully presented also…winner!

the temper trap, brighton, lifestyle by lily, food blogger, melbourne, pancakes

Thank you so much to The Temper Trap for having us.

*This post was written following an invitation to dine at The Temper Trap. The views expressed are my own and are in no way informed.

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