Undercover Roasters | Abbotsford

Undercover Roasters, Abbotsford, cafe, Melbourne

Melbourne, how nice is it to get out for brunch again! I was excited to go out for breakfast by myself due to having Monday off. Check out the beautiful new cafe that has opened beside me!

This place is deceiving from the outside as there is an abundance of space inside and an additional courtyard of seating available on the sun. There was a good variety of seating with small and long communal/group tables available and hopefully they have the opportunity for more customers indoors to fill them soon. The dark theme is consistent from the decor to the crockery.

I guessed that the coffee would be great and it was! My usual order of a Long Black went down a treat so I’ll definitely be back for coffee on the go. There are lots of coffee options too!

I ordered The Big Easy ($23) which sounded huge when looking at the menu and comes with the option of beef brisket or pork, I opted for the pork bit I’d love to come back and try the beef again. The menu is interesting, there are lots of vegetarian options and yummy snacks at the front counter too.

Food arrived and looked delicious and it wasn’t too big so I knew I would definitely finish this yummy stack. My poached egg was overcooked but quickly replaced. The flavours of the pork were simply amazing and the rosti was equally delicious. The onion jam really enhanced the flavours and I could not have been happier with this dish.

Undercover Roasters, Abbotsford, cafe, Melbourne

Thank you so much to Undercover Roasters for a beautiful dining experience!




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