Top Ten Birthday Celebration Ideas

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What a year it has been! So many birthdays and celebrations have been missed but there have been a few things that I have done throughout the year to let friends and family know that I have not forgotten these special occasions. Gift vouchers are great but there’s nothing better than opening a present or having a day out!

1. Organise a cuppa catch up. One of my favourite things to do is to make myself a big cup of tea, grab some chocolate and catch on all of the latest news. Moonpig allows you to select and personalise a mug of your choice and of course, you have to accompany it with a card! Here is one of my favourites. I’ve previously sent a gift directly to a friend and also got a mug and card sent to my address to add to a gift box.

2. Send a surprise dessert. Why not pop on to your favourite food delivery app and book a treat to be delivered. Some food delivery apps now allow you to book your delivery in advance and choose a time frame to deliver it within.

3. Host a pamper night. Pay a visit to your local pharmacy or skincare store and pick up some essentials…face masks, hair masks, pedicure kit.

4. Flowers! Can you really go wrong with some flowers. If the birthday guy/ gal loves fresh smelling flowers, it’s a great option and I’ve often ordered them in advance to be delivered on the all important date.

5. Host a BBQ. There is nothing better than getting out into the great outdoors and hosting a BBQ. Guests can come and go as they please, casual food and drinks and no need to make a booking in advance.

6. Book a spa date. If you have a favourite spa, why not book in for some morning treatments followed by a lunch date.

7. Baked goods. I really love to bake and I enjoy making treats for birthdays and celebrations, a few have been shared on my socials and here on my blog.

8. Plants and succulents. If you don’t like the idea of flowers not lasting for long, maybe a plant or succulent is a good option. While I love fresh flowers, I hate to see them wilt and die so I often gift plants as a birthday gift.

9. Wine lovers! If your friend enjoys a good bottle of wine, why not support local wineries by ordering a few bottles of their favourite wine to be delivered straight to your friend’s door. Previously, I’ve been on a few wine tours and surprised myself when wine has been delivered. It was so nice to enjoy my favourites all over again.

10. Record a video message. I’ve missed birthdays due to being in a different time zone, not being able to visit the birthday person and I’ve often sent a video message. A friend did this for me on my birthday and sent it to me, she told a very funny story that I’ve gone back and listened to when I needed a giggle.

Hopefully you have lots of ideas to celebrate upcoming birthdays!

*This post was written in collaboration with Moonpig.

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