Candles: The Best Christmas Gift

If like me, the thought of going to the shops is the last thing you want to do on a Saturday, maybe online purchases from local and Australian brands is a better option.

Haven Luxe is Haven’s newest collection of candles. The Haven Luxe collection offers a range of modern designs, featuring a mixture of classic and trend-based accents, all with a gorgeous scent. Haven is an Australian-owned company and all candles are locally made. Haven’s Luxe range is available in Woolworths stores nationally. For more information visit

I don’t think candles and fragrances are ever a bad gift, I’ve been trying out some new additions recently from the Haven Luxe collection. Firstly, they are visually appealing! I love the look of the candles in the the beautiful gold tins (pictured above) and the tall white candles which are a signature white blend. If you are worried abut forgetting about a lit candle and rushing out the door, diffusers are a wonderful alternative and perfect in any room.


Happy Shopping!

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