Sunday Afternoon At Core Cider House | Perth Hills

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When an invite pops into your inbox for an unvisited eatery in Perth, it has me curious immediately!

I received a lovely invitation to visit Core Cider House in the Perth Hills and accepted the invitation with much excitement. The email provided lots of information on the venue and I had a bit of a google too, it looked amazing. Continue reading

Stimulatte | Subiaco

I have been passing Stimulatte every morning for the past two weeks on route to an office I have been working out of in Subiaco.
It’s always busy… and for me, that’s always a great sign!
During the week, we ventured down for a look in and a take-away coffee and it was glorious! I was keen to come and check it out for breakfast so we went this weekend.

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Too Many Great Choices At Typika, Claremont

This quirky little cafe is placed just outside Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre. I loved how open it was at the entrance with tables for the coffee bar available in the afternoon.
As well as appetizing food, Typika also roast their own coffee which you can see as soon as you walk in.


My boyfriend is now on crutches and the staff were very accommodating giving us a table straight away where there weren’t too many people walking past…that was the first bonus point!
Loved the menu, I had no idea what to order so it took a little while to make up my mind.


In the end, I went for Huevos Rancheros and my boyfriend went for Pulled Pork Quesadillas as his first choice of a bagel wasn’t available…sold out before lunch time.
Drinks arrived promptly and the coffee was heavenly. I wouldn’t call myself a coffee expert but maybe it was the fact that they roast it themselves, that it seemed to have a personal touch and had something a little different about it.

I loved the presentation of the food when it arrived. I couldn’t wait to dig into my Huevos Rancheros! Just look at it…how could you wait!


The ‘pot’ was mouthwatering! There were a few pieces of chorizo and I couldn’t get enough of the tomato base mix. The bread was perfect for mopping up the tomato base mix as I got closer to the bottom.

I also had to taste the Pulled Pork Quesadillas. They were just as delicious as my dish but my boyfriend wasn’t willing to part with much more than a few bites… I would have done the same!

The quesadilla melted in my mouth and the fresh salsa was a perfect summer touch to add to complete the dish.

I’m excited to go back to Typika, there were lots of things I wanted to try so there are lots of reasons to go back! So if you are in Claremont Quarter and unsure of where to go for lunch, check this place out! You won’t be disappointed!

My Rating: ā™„ ā™„ ā™„ ā™„

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