Work With Me!

About Me

My name is Lisa Carolan and I started out as LilePR late 2014 in Perth, Western Australia. LilePR started off as a hobby to showcase my love of food and my favourite places around Perth and sometimes further afield.

After a successful start came my rebrand to Lifestyle By Lily! This lifestyle blog covers everything food, fashion, beauty and travel related in Australia & beyond!

I work in Education but also have an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Marketing. I have worked in PR and Marketing for two years and enjoy writing about the things I love.

Get in touch to get a copy of my media kit.


Restaurants and Events

I currently write for/have articles published on:

  • City Of Perth
  • TweetPerth/So Perth
  • Oz Eating WA
  • Out In Perth
  • Weekend Notes

My writing is to share my experiences while eating out and sometimes while eating in. I never inform an establishment of my presence until I have finished eating so that my experience is the same as any other customer. Each post’s detail are my own opinions which may include positive and negative points.

I accept invitations to dine at cafes/restaurants, the post which follows will not be biased in any way and will remain honest.If you would like to invite me to your cafe/restaurant, attend an event, festival, launch, please contact me below.

I also write fashion posts and product reviews which are all my own opinion. I will consider all offers of business and choose those I feel my readers will enjoy.

If you would like to work together, please contact me below.



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