Top Tips For Visiting The Whitsundays


If you are a regular reader, welcome back! You might be wondering why I am back in Airlie Beach, considering I was here over the Christmas break Read more? Luckily for me, I have a friend visiting from Ireland who is travelling Australia and New Zealand and where better to meet her for a long weekend than Whitsundays! Mini Me had yet to venture up the East Coast of Australia so she also wanted to join us, the more the merrier!

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Vegetarian Heaven At Urban Projuice

After a nice morning stroll along Beaconsfield Parade, Ms. DeG had a place in mind for breakfast nearby. She had been to Urban Projuice before and I went with the flow.

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Feast of Merit | Richmond

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Richmond is thriving with cafes and restaurants and when it comes to choosing somewhere for breakfast, it can prove quite tough!

We parked outside Feast of Merit and as Mr. B had been there before, we decided to go with that. Within ten minutes of arriving, we were seated and had our Long Blacks ordered.

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Melbourne’s Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

When I received the invitation to the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker from Universal, I was flicking through my emails on my break at work…I let out a little whoop and RSVPd immediately.

Some say the books and the first movie were not great but it was the second book that I couldn’t put down! Yes, I thought the first book was a little…strange but the second book had a little more of a story to it and more action. I think I spent 4 days reading the second book, this is incredibly fast for me. Christian Grey starts to relax more in the second book and Anastasia’s innocence is a little less annoying… ‘no rules, no punishments and no more secrets’.

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