Three Bags Full | Abbotsford

This little gem of a place is very close to where I live, luckily for me. Mr B and I went for our usual Sunday brunch and this was his choice.

When we arrived the cafe was rather busy but we were able to take a window seat within a few minutes. We had a look around at what other people were ordering to try and help us decide what we wanted to choose from the wide range of options on the menu.

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Life In Squares

I thought the title of this post was quite cryptic and I hoped it would grab your attention!

I’ve noticed a lot of people going back to ‘old school’ photo albums and scrap booking. Every time I saw another Instagram post with Polaroid photos, I thought to myself, I want to create an ‘artsy’ piece of my own.

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Kitty Burns | Abbotsford

I am lucky to have this gorgeous spot so close to where I live. It is a short morning walk along the Yarra River and I can walk in the door.

I recently had Ms. D and Ms. G visiting from Perth, it was so good to have them here and reminded me of good times in Perth as a breakfast date was always part of our weekend plans. 

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WhitSundays Day Trip

As I dream of the warmer weather, I can’t help but want to be back in Queensland!

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