Life In Squares

I thought the title of this post was quite cryptic and I hoped it would grab your attention!

I’ve noticed a lot of people going back to ‘old school’ photo albums and scrap booking. Every time I saw another Instagram post with Polaroid photos, I thought to myself, I want to create an ‘artsy’ piece of my own.

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All You Need Is Lingerie

lifestyle by lily,perth blogger,Fashion,lingerie,monochrome,melbourne blogger,simone pereleWho said that lingerie is for the bedroom only? Clearly, this person is not female and has never had that amazing feeling when you slink into brand new lingerie for the first time.
I was kindly gifted some beautiful underwear from Simone Pรฉrรจle and it prompted me to think exactly those thoughts!

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Moving To Australia Is A Big Deal

It’s not often I share personal posts but this one is something I feel like a lot of people can relate to!ย To a 24year Irish girl, packing up and moving to Australia is rather daunting.

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Melbourne’s Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

When I received the invitation to the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker from Universal, I was flicking through my emails on my break at work…I let out a little whoop and RSVPd immediately.

Some say the books and the first movie were not great but it was the second book that I couldn’t put down! Yes, I thought the first book was a little…strange but the second book had a little more of a story to it and more action. I think I spent 4 days reading the second book, this is incredibly fast for me. Christian Grey starts to relax more in the second book and Anastasia’s innocence is a little less annoying… ‘no rules, no punishments and no more secrets’.

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