Event: Perth Night Noodle Markets

I was delighted to finally make it to the Noodle Markets around the Cultural Centre in the CBD.
It wash busy as expected and a great atmosphere to step into.


There are three areas to roam through, smelling the flavours as you walk and seeing smoke rise above the tents (the good kind of smoke).
We went to the markets last Friday but the queues were crazy so we decided to go to the Hawkers Market instead and save the Noodle Market for another, hopefully quieter night.
We walked to the area in front of the Western Australia Museum where the stands were mainly chicken themed.

The first thing we tried was from The Apple Daily.
We decided to try the Chicken Wings ($9) and Pork Ribs ($12) washed down with a cider from Thatchers ($9).
The Pork Ribs were my favourite! The meat came off the bones easily and the marinade was delicious with stone coriander flavours.


The Chicken Wings were also very tasty. Another mouthwatering marinade dressed this dish but there wasn’t as much meat on the wings as there was on the ribs and that’s how I chose my favourite.

We also ate from Teppanyaki Specialists .

There were three options and we went for the Modern Combo. It was made up of two marinated chicken skewers, fried rice and fresh salad.

It’s great to walk around the three areas to see the environments as well as sample the foods.
If you haven’t already visited the markets, get down there before it finishes!

Visit during the week from 5pm or at the weekend from 4pm.
The Night Noodle Markets run until Sunday 29th of March.

Thanks for reading! ♡

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