The Print Hall | Perth CBD


Ms. D and I found ourselves in the city for a night out following an event in the city.

We are fans of the cocktail menu at The Print Hall and as it was close by, we found ourselves walking towards it with without considering anywhere else.. After all, it’s an award winning venue in the Perth CBD.

Following a cocktail or three we were feeling peckish and asked to see the bar menu. We wanted to choose something we both liked and dishes we could share easily.
We took a look and decided on the Potato Gnocchi  ($25) from the Bar Menu and the Baby Potatoes ($10) from the Dining Room menu.


Even though the bar was busy serving food and drinks, we didn’t have to wait long for our food.Check out these Baby Potatoes. They were soft and flavoursome with a slightly crunchy skin and extremely visually appealing.
The potato halves were tossed with softened onions and capsicum and topped with a green pesto-like paste. There was enough of this paste to taste each potato half and I added even more flavour as well as texture.


I have recently become a fan of gnocchi and I make it at home quite regularly so I may have influenced this choice just a bit… I was glad I did!
This dish was also full of flavour and textures so balance this dish perfectly. The gnocchi was perfectly soft and accompanied by the hard almond nut and subtly mixed with smooth pumpkin pieces. As you can see,the dish was topped with scattered goats cheese and coloured was added by the freshly chopped parsley.


Since this visit, I received a voucher to dine at The Print Hall again and I look forward to dressing up and eating in the Dining Room next time.

Another recommendation for share plates and evening dining in Perth City is Big El’s Latin American Fusion.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Thanks for reading! ♡


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