Travel//Adventures of the Phi Phi Islands

The next part of our trip started when we left the island to travel back to the mainland and across to the Phi Phi Islands. If you are reading this in preparation before going to Thailand, do NOT leave this off the list! It is a definite must do and I only wish I could go again…tomorrow…or the day after that! I wanna go back!



The first part of this trip was a boat trip back to the mainland and to say that we were on a strange boat is an understatement it was called the coffin ship! It was small, cramped, and it smelled so bad!


Anyway, we made it in one piece! We stayed in Krabi for 1 night before catching a speedboat around some of the islands before going to the main island. Krabi is a small town along the coast which a lot of people go to to catch the boat to the islands. It was green and luscious, had restaurants, a few shops and small hotels….. and a lot of ‘go go’ bars!


That evening we went for food and a few drinks in what seemed like a shopping centre of small bars and restaurants on the beachfront.

We were collected the next morning and taken down to the collection point for our speed boat trip. We booked the trip the day before in a local tourist shop. The trip was a round trip back to Krabi but Koh Phi Phi Don was the last stop of the trip so we decided it was a good way to see the islands and get to our next destination.



We went around the Viking Caves and the hidden gems on our way to Koh Phi Phi Leh. It was a really strange part of the trip but I really enjoyed it. We also got the chance to go snorkeling and the fish were amazing! I felt like I could see to the bottom of the sea floor, the waters were so clear!




We then made our way to Phi Phi Leh and landed on Maya Bay which is familiar to anyone who has watched The Beach…This is the location and it was stunning! As you can see, we weren’t the only visitors, it’s a popular stop off point for tours or you can rent your own boat from Phi Phi Don (main island) to take you and a small group.



I’m not convinced the pictures do the place justice! There are no vehicles on this small island but you can camp on the island for the night..We didn’t but I was happy to have visited it for a few hours and walk around the island and walk the same sand as Leonardo DiCaprio once did.



Soon it was time to hop back on the boat for the last part of the trip…We were off to Phi Phi Don.
We had dinner when we get there and watched another beautiful sunset. I’m a little annoyed that I don’t have a picture of the bungalow we stayed in. Picture a wooden bungalow on the side of a mountain…on stilts.
There are no vehicles in this island either but it had a little more life around it. At the time we visited, it was only a few short years after the sunami hit and there were evacuation routes dotted around the roads and walking tracks.



The island was beautiful and the people of the island were so helpful and kind to us.
The main part of the island was bustling with shops, restaurants, cafés, small bars and ice-cream parlours.
We gravitated towards an Irish bar and met up with another couple we met from Dublin and had such a fun evening!




The next day, we went for breakfast and following some early morning rain…I had an accident and injured my ankle. I went over on my ankle and grazed it. I went straight back to the bungalow and cleaned it with alcohol wipes and bandaged it up… I thought I had done a really good job cleaning it and resting it on ice until I woke up the next morning and couldn’t put my foot to the floor. I had to go down to the dock by piggyback as we were going back to Bangkok to start the next part of our journey! We went to Krabi and travelled a few hours by bus back to Bangkok. The good thing about limping to the boat and to the bus was that I got on both first and got to choose my own seat…This made both journeys a little easier!


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