Vans Cafe | Cottesloe

Ms. D and I arranged to meet for our usual Saturday morning breakfast. This particular weekend, we decided to go to Cottesloe as Ms. D want to check out a recommended cake shop after breakfast.

When we arrived at Vans, we immediately felt involved in a busy atmosphere of chattering tables and busy staff running around clearing tables and serving customers.

We spied a table along the back wall and took our seats. We felt very close to all of the other tables, they are a little on top of each other to maximise space at the expense of customer comfort. There is a lot of seating in the cafe between indoor, out the front on the street and a back area that I only noticed as I sat down.

We had a look over the menu and the top two items caught my eye…I really started to like this menu. As it was only 10.30am we decided not to turn breakfast into an alcoholic breakfast. This does not rule out a return visit!

Food wise, I was drawn to the Hot Potato Cake ($25), because they are ‘my new thing’, Open Egg  White Omelette ($19) because it sounded healthy but a recent bad experience at Little Willys  made me choose the Hot Potato Cake.

Ms. D quickly made her choice as she said she was pretty hungry and liked the sound of the Fried Free Range Eggs ($25). 

We also ordered a Latte ($4.20) and an English Breakfast Tea ($4.20), a little expensive for a cuppa.image

As we waited for our food, we watched a table of three ladies receive their Breakfast Martinis…as we received our caffeine fixes. Next time, I’m ordering one for sure!

Vans, Cottesloe

Ms. D wasn’t expecting such a big breakfast but each part of it looked delicious. You can just see the hash brown hidden under the soft grilled tomato.
Ms. D really enjoyed this breakfast, she loved how perfectly cooked the bacon was and the eggs leaked yellow yolks as they were pierced.
The portion of baked beans were a little small but there were a lot of other elements on the plate to fill Ms. D up.

This dish reminded me of a recent lunch at Ootong & Lincoln.
The potato was was amazing! I can think of many words to describe it but why beat around the bush… The portion size was great, flavoursome and textured. It was soaked in a delicious sauce which didn’t affect the light crunch around the outside of the potato cake.
The salmon was fresh and an unselfish amount and sat on wilted spinach. A poached egg rested on the top of the stack and also leaked a yellow yolk when pierced also.
I am currently trying to accomplish a perfectly poached egg and it’s tough so I admire it when it’s well done.

Without a doubt, I’ll be back and hopefully Ms. D will accompany me for another breakfast date.

Also in the area is John Street Cafe hidden on a little side street on route to Cottesloe Beach.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Thanks for reading! ♡


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