The Secret Garden Cafe | Perth CBD


We came across this cafe whilst wandering down Murray Street in the CBD. Without realising, we actually passed through a cafe and were making our way towards the garden at the end of the narrow alleyway. This was The Secret Garden Cafe.

We sat outside in what can only be described as a jungle, lots to look at! I went to the counter to grab two menus so we could order as we had a busy day ahead of us.
I was considering the Eggs Benedict ($18) or the Salmon & Asparagus ($20). Considering I’ve had quite a few Eggs Benedict’s recently, I decided on the Salmon & Asparagus for a change.
Ms. D was immediately drawn to the SG Toast ($16) because it was made up of the same elements as a previous breakfast she enjoyed. I ordered a Long Black w/dash of milk and Ms. D ordered a Mocha.


As a few tables started to fill up around us, we were busy chatting about our Christmas plans and Ms. D’s new finger bling, she got engaged exactly a week ago and celebrations were that night. A good breakfast was necessary before shopping commenced.

First to arrive were our drinks, my coffee was a warm and rich blend and perfectly hot..a great caffeine hit! Ms. D enjoyed her Mocha but it was missing the mini marshmallows she often looks forward to but it was still a nice Mocha.


Then our breakfasts arrived, first I going to be able to finish this? My Salmon & Asparagus was quite the portion and I struggled to finish it, forcing myself to try and not leave any of the salmon in particular.

I was a little concerned at the first sight of the serving of asparagus but the lemon oil dressing was delightfully amazing. There was an endless amount of fresh salmon and feta on the dish too. The last major element was that lone poached egg, I don’t think poached eggs should ever be on their lonesome as they add so much moisture and texture to a breakfast dish.

Salmon & Asparagus by LilePR

Ms. D was excited to tuck into her dish. Her favourite part of the dish were the roasted tomatoes, I tasted them myself and they were even tastier than they look. Ms. D is an avocado lover and said that there was a generous amount covering the fresh ciabatta toast.

To top off the dish, the tomatoes were topped with crumbed feta and another lone poached egg, the poor egg!
Ms. D thoroughly enjoyed this dish and said she would order it again.


I would definitely recommend a visit to The Secret Garden Cafe if you are in Perth CBD.

If you are keen to stick around the area for a summer drink, I would highly recommend a drink or an evening bite in The Standard.

My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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