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photostudio_1452412630628.jpgSecond time lucky, I made it to Sayers Sister in Northbridge. Mr. T and I made a breakfast trip over the holidays but I went to Sayers in Leederville with Ms. D.

I really liked the layout of the indoor seating. There were tables laid around the outer walls and a large high rise communal table down the centre. We sat at the communal table close to the service area.
We were seated and given menus and a bottle a water.

Then it came to ordering, table service is provided which is a great asset. As I’ve been to Sayers before, I was quite familiar with a few of the menu options. Ms. D had a delicious potato rosti at Sayers and I thought about ordering that but I wanted something different and went for the Leek and Parmesan Croquettes ($19).
Before we arrived, Mr. T had thoughts of bruschetta for breakfast and was happy to see Bruschetta ($19) on the menu. I ordered a Long Black and Mr. T ordered an Orange Juice to accompany breakfast.

While awaiting our breakfast, we took in the atmosphere of the busy café. From tables of customers gobbling up their food, people snapping pictures before digging into their breakfast and the laughs as entertaining stories are told, I loved it.

As my coffee arrived, I looked to see the brand of coffee being used and noticed the Sayers sticker on black coffee bags beside me. It was a very nice blend but quite a small coffee. Since switching from a latte to a long black, I feel like I’m missing out on a bigger coffee. Anyway, it was great!

Coffee by LilePR

Both breakfasts arrived at the same time, bonus points for Sayers Sister as this is a huge bonus while dining out.

My dish was delicious. It was packed with many  textures and flavours, it was an explosion of flavours in each bite.
My favourite element of the dish had to be the croquettes. They were quite large in size and stuffed with a beautiful combination of leek and parmesan, and golden and crispy on the outside, simply delicious and exactly what you would expect from well made croquettes! This taste was carried over in the creamy sauce that surrounded the croquettes and the two perfectly poached eggs.
I asked for no rocket on my dish but had fresh spinach in the centre. I couldn’t quite work out what the crunchy garnish on the top of the dish was I think it might have thinly sliced onion, whatever it was, it was very tasty.

Don’t think that the flavours might be over powering with the leek being a big flavour of the dish, the entire dish worked so well together and I barely allowed Mr. T to taste it.
This is definitely my favourite dish, completely flawless…yum!


Mr. T’s dish was attractive also and probably the healthier of the two dishes!

All of the colourful ingredients were fresh and delicious. The presentation of the dish was different to any other bruschetta but I loved taking a picture and Mr. T loved eating it.
The toasted sourdough was fresh and soft. There was a suitable smothering of pesto which was topped with the strategically placed thick slices of tomato and feta. This was topped with a small portion of bacon and a few more slightly toasted pieces of bread.

We all know how I feel about one egg on a breakfast dish but the addition of the pesto spread on the toasted sourdough kept moisture across the dish And Mr. T was happy so I guess that is all that matters. He also said the dish was quite filling which is exactly what we were after.


Sayers Sister is close to where I live so I am sure we will definitely return over the summer. If great coffee, a busy atmosphere and a hearty breakfast is what you are after, Sayers Sister is one to add to your list.

If you want to try another café in the area, I would highly recommend Tarts which is right up the street.

My Rating: 4.8Sayers Sister Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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