Product Review: Carol’s Tan Advancer

Carol's Beauty

Being a natural red head, I have the typical skin tone that finds it hard to tan without just burning. Instead of looking like a bronzed goddess in the sun, I get freckles and heat patches! So what’s a girl to do?

I have tried many types of fake tan, with some appearing patchy on my skin and others just leave me looking like an oompa loompa.

So when I heard about Carols tan enhancers, I got excited. It is 95% organic and Australian made. It advertises that it’s purpose is to give you a bronzed glow and moisturise the skin, thus reducing signs of ageing.

So does it?

The Look:

Well, the enhancers come in a lotion or oil, both aiming to achieve the same results, depending on your preference. The enhancers smelled sweet and refreshing to me. They had a slight red tone so you could see where you are applying the lotion on your skin.

I preferred the lotion as it was less runny and easier to apply.


The directions for use are clearly labelled on the bottles:

  • Shake bottle well.
  • Avoid between 10am and 4pm.
  • Apply minimum of 15 SPF, then liberally apply the enhancer to the skin. (You don’t need much lotion to cover a wide surface area)
  • Let the sun kiss your skin for ten minutes.



 What I Thought:

The packaging is visually appealing, as the colour is orange, in line with its ingredients theme.

The carrots help stimulate melanin on the skins surface and thus aims to help you tan faster whilst minimising sun exposure. That’s a win for me!

I liked it because the ingredients are organically safe and they make your skin feel soft and supple. Ingredients include: sunflower oil, almond oil, carrot oil, henna extract and ylang ylang oil.


Overall verdict:

♦ Great for busy people on the go as the application is quick and easy.

♦ For those who are sun conscious, this product will help to enhance a tan without staying in the sun for a long period of time.

♦ My legs felt and smelled great after the application.

♦ But most importantly, I did notice a slight skin colour change and I’m sure it will only get better the more I use it.

Carol Before and After

Where Can I Find Out More About The Product?

Carols sun tanning enhancer lotion 100ml $34.99 aud.

Carols sun tanning enhancer oil 150ml $34.99 aud.

You can buy in selected retailers or online here.



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