EXPLORE: Fancy A Walking Tour In Perth?


When I think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is the cold weather and the early nights.

When I was looking for things to do in Perth over the coming months, I stumbled across Eat The Street Walking Tours. It’s pretty obvious that I am a lover of food and I assume that those of you who are reading this are also food lovers.
The Luxury Travel Guide has named Eat The Street Walking Tours the Unique Experience of the Year 2016 so it is definitely worth seeing what all of the fuss is about!

The tour I chose was on Saturday afternoon at 4pm and it was the Barrack to Beaufort tour specifically. The price of the tour is $65 per person which covers all food and drinks on the tour.


After the introductions were made, we began our short journey from The Bell Tour to Aqua Bar. I really enjoyed this bar, I hadn’t noticed it above The Lucky Shag…until now.
We were directed outside to a well sheltered area where sat down at our reserved table and we enjoyed our first dish and a glass of French champers. The slivers of steak were beautiful but I am going to put this out there… the polenta chips were the best I have tasted in Perth… yet!
After our last sip of champagne, we were off to Alfred’s Pizzeria.


I was lucky enough to be invited in to Alfred’s Pizzeria before it officially opened so I was excited to return and see how things were going.
The bar itself is small so we were lucky to have a table reserved before our arrival.
I was a fan of the pizza when I visited the first time so I was looking forward to a few more slices. A drink wasn’t included at this venue so I decided to purchase my own.
There was quite a quick turn around at Alfred’s before we were off to the next venue.


We took the long way around to the next venue to have a look at the internal eateries and bars in the Como Treasury building.
I have been to Petition Bar to catch up with a friend but the Thai restaurant caught my eye and is now on my ‘to-do list’. It was nice to have a few historical facts pointed out to us as we passed through.

The next venue was Halford Bar on Cathedral Avenue.
This was a new bar for all of us on the tour and definitely the most interesting of the tour! As soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs, there was a lot to take in.


We took our reserved table and were given the drinks list to choose a cocktail. We decided to get a few different cocktails so that we could taste a few options.
The decor in Halford Bar is fascinating, so many colours and textures to absorb and the attention to detail is magnificent.
The cocktails were as classy, as was the venue. My favourite cocktail was actually my own choice, the Cranberry Tonic.


Next stop…ice-cream from Chi Cho.
The great thing about Chi Cho is that customers are free to taste whatever ice-cream they want before choosing what to buy!
Here is what I choose with the addition of chocolate drizzle.


We made the short walk to Lot Twenty for Mulled Wine and some nibbles. We had the Cauliflower & Cheese Croquettes and a portion of Fries to share.
The mulled wine was delicious and the nibbles were amazing, especially the croquettes! Believe it or not, this was the first time I had ever tried mulled wine.


We were feeling pretty full before we made our final journey through Perth Cultural Centre to The Dominion League.
The interior of this venue is pretty cool. We sat into our cosy booth and were delivered a cider or beer each and an anti-pasto plate to share between us.
The cider was good, even though I spilled a little of it and we struggled to finish the anti-pasto plate, by this stage we were bordering the food coma stage.


I found myself leaving the bar just before 9pm, we had spent 5hours together and it flew by.
What I really enjoyed about the tour was the fact that I felt like I was being shown around the city with a few girlfriends and not so much a tourist. This was made simple and comfortable as all areas were reserved and we didn’t have to approach any bars. It was an extremely personal experience with a few new friends celebrating the eateries and bars from Barrack to Beaufort Street, with snippets of history a long the way.

Eat The Street Tours have more than one tour options available whether you are after a brunch or afternoon/evening tour. If you have dietary requirements (like me), it’s not an issue, just let Jacqueline know and an alternative can be organised especially for you. On a last note, there is no way you could find all of the new bars and eateries so easily or find all of the featured food and drinks for $65 by yourself!

To find a tour that you will enjoy, click here.



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