Event: The Left Bank Wine Club

I met Julia at a SMPerth event not long ago and we got chatting about what we do, long story short, she invited me to the first Left Bank Wine Club Thursday night.


We arrived to The Left Bank to face our first problem..parking! The Left Bank was absolutely packed downstairs with customers enjoying a late evening bite with a waterfront view. Firstly, the venue is huge! The view was beautiful at night so I can only imagine the setting during the day.

I asked a member of staff where the Wine Club was held and we were directed upstairs. We had a table reserved for our party of four but were placed at an angle where we couldn’t actually see anything. 

The first wine was introduced, a SBS. This is my preferred choice of wine and my favourite of the night. The Deep Woods may become a new favorite, it was clean and crisp and went down a little too easily. 


We decided to order food and went to the bar to order, there was only one person behind the bar so ordering was quite a lengthy process. See what we had to eat here.

As we chatted between wine pours, the Dan who represents Deep Wood Estate and Carolone from Fine Wine Wholesalers worked the room came around to speak with each table, discussing the wines and answering questions…very personal, I liked that!
After the third wine, the canapés started arrived..at the same time as our food! How typical is that! Of course, we still had some anyway! The canapés included aranchini balls, and pumpkin & feta tarts. The aranchini balls were my favourite.

We sat and enjoyed our food as we chatted about the wines are were rejoined by Dan who asked how I evening was and if we enjoyed our first wine club.

The Wine Club was closed with a raffle where three bottles of the Deep Woods Estate were given away to the lucky ticket holders.

You can check out the photos from the event on The Left Bank Facebook book page, unfortunately we weren’t in any as we were the only table who were not on the main floor and the speakers were not in sight as we were hidden around the corner.

I was delighted to see the event sold out as it was the first event and I hope the success continues. 

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