FOOD: Breakfast By The Beach


Odyssea is a new addition to the popular City Beach, attracting people for breakfast as well as the clean beach and breaking waves. We arrived just after 11am and were just in time before breakfast finished at 11:30am.

There was a short queue of people waiting to be seated but we weren’t in any rush so we had a look over the menu while we waited. The interior of Odyssea reminded me quite a bit of The Shorehouse with indoor and outdoor seating, a fabulous ocean view and a calm relaxing atmosphere.

When we were seated, we were lucky enough to be out on the veranda with the ocean view but not sitting in the sun as it was quite a warm Saturday morning. We had a quick look over the menu as we were quite undecided as to what to try. In the end, we all got the same dish which is very unusual but from the range of choices, nothing was jumping out me. The only thing that caught my eye was the Tasmanian Salmon, crunchy potato & kale hash, béarnaise, toasted quinoa ($22).

We also ordered our drinks. When deciding on a drink, I wanted a Breakfast Cocktail but went with the sensible option in the end. Ms. G and I ordered a Sea breeze ($8) Ms D ordered her usual Flat White.


We didn’t have time to notice how long the food took  because we were rather busy chatting and catching up about the weeks activities and our girlie gossip.
Our food arrived before our drinks and were plopped down on the table in front of us so I had to ask another waitress about our drinks.

The dish was rather interesting. There was no sign of a crunchy potato and kale hash, this element of the dish looked more like shredded potato and had fresh kale on top of it, not quite what I pictured. I ordered the dish for the potato hash, it’s got to appear in my breakfast dishes nearly as often as poached eggs.

The salmon was quite a large portion and was definitely the star of the dish. There was a half of fresh lemon to season and moisten the salmon as well as the béarnaise. I liked that the béarnaise was not all over the dish and in a small pool on the plate instead.

Copyright Lisa Carolan


What about our drinks?
The juice was nice. Luckily, my teeth were feeling rather sensitive so I asked for no ice in my juice. Poor Ms. G on the otherhand, only had a few sips of hers and it was gone quickly due to it being filled up with ice, not worth $8!


I think I may have to revisit this restaurant to completely make my mind up about OdysseaAfter this visit, I am undecided on whether I like it or not. As always, I can only rate my experience on the day I visited and none of us were overly blown away.

My Rating: 3.5

Odyssea Beach Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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