FOOD: Burgers At Chimnek


On a chilly Tuesday evening, Mr. T had a craving for a nice burger. He had a look at the usual social media outlets and picked a place.

In no time, we found ourselves in Northbridge walking to Chimek. This is the second outlet in Perth, the first being in Fremantle.

On arrival, I noticed that the seating capacity is not very large but there is outdoor seating available also. The  other thing I was drawn to were the three burgers on display on the counter, you can literally see what you are going to eat, it wasn’t plastic.

Mr. T already knew what he wanted and ordered the well known Famous Charcoal Beef Burger ($12.50). I was torn between the Southern Fried Chicken Brioche ($14.50) and the Braised Pork Burger ($12.50). I was a little a afraid that the pork might be quite moist and leave me with a soggy burger, so I went for the chicken option. The lady taking our order informed us that all wings were $10 on a Tuesday but we were more interested in some fries, I’ll order the wings next time.
We also ordered the Chilli Cheese Beer Battered Chips ($9) to share as the burgers are not accompanied by a side.

We took a prime seat to people watch as we waited for our food to arrive. We didn’t have to wait long for our Chilli Cheese Beer Battered Chips to arrive. They looked exactly how I expected them. The chips were deliciously crunchy and not oily. The chips were drizzled with the best cheese sauce I’ve tasted and the chilli was sprinkled lightly over the top. What I loved about the sauce was that it had a fabulous cheese flavour but it didn’t harden or thicken, it held flavour and its smooth texture.
The only thing that was strange about the chips, was the fact that they were served with long thin wooden sticks making them hard to pick up.

Copyright Lisa Carolan


 Our burgers arrived together shortly after the fries.
The most eye catching one was Mr. T’s Charcoal Beef Burger and I couldn’t wait to taste it too!
What I loved about this burger was that there was no salad on it whatsoever. This was my ideal burger…fear the salad! There are not many establishments I’ve been to where I haven’t had to ask for it without salad.

  The beef patty was juicy and flavoursome and was beautifully complemented by those caramelized onions and mushrooms. The squid ink aioli added more moisture to this burger. The colour made it as confusing as the colour of the bun, it’s strange to eat something black and not taste burnt food. The combination of beef and caramelised onions and mushrooms go so well together, who couldn’t love this burger.

Copyright Lisa Carolan


 My burger was named the signature dish. I found the quite tasty, however the breaded chicken was a little overcooked and dry. Luckily there was a generous garlic aioli smothered over the chicken.  The jalapenos added a nice kick to each bite of the burger and it was delicious.
My main criticism was the stale slice of rubbery cheese on my burger. It was so stale, there was a hard orange line a long two sides of the square cheese. Needless to say, I removed this element.
My favourite part of the burger was the brioche bun.  This type of bun always jumps off a menu to me as it’s a little harder to find. The softness of the bun was perfect with the crunchy chicken and jalapenos.

Copyright Lisa Carolan



I would love to return to Chimek and taste those $10 wings…yum!

Also in Northridge, you might want to try out Wok St Chow House for amazing Asian inspired food. If you are after a great breakfast, stop into Sayers Sister or Little Bird Cafe .

My Rating: 3.5

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