Vegetarian Heaven At Urban Projuice

After a nice morning stroll along Beaconsfield Parade, Ms. DeG had a place in mind for breakfast nearby. She had been to Urban Projuice before and I went with the flow.

We added our name to the waiting list that Sunday morning and after about 15minutes, we were seated upstairs. After looking at the menu, I took one look at Ms. DeG and she said along the lines, this is one of my favourite breakfast places. If you are a regular Lifestyle by Lily reader, you will know that I deem salad as ‘rabbit food’, it is not to my liking at all. What Ms. DeG always failed to mention was that Urban Produce is vegetarian so there is no bacon! She totally tricked me, and she knewย I would not have went if I had known this.ย  As a ‘non-sweet breakfast lover’, I only had six menu items to choose from.

Anywho, we were already seated so no point complaining and I thought I should give it a go anyway. The waitress came to our table and asked for our coffee order, at this time, she told us there was a 30minute wait on food… we should have been told this outside. Nevertheless, we ordered our two Long Blacks and mulled the menu. Ms. DeG knew what she wanted and I couldn’t decide as there was no dish jumping off the page, EVERYTHING had some sort of salad! Ms. DeG had previously picked out the Blackberry Coconut Waffle ($17.50) and I wanted the Fritter Deluxe ($18.50) but it had no eggs or the Kale & Olive Bruschetta ($16.50) without the kale and olives…dilemma! In the end, I went with the Fritter Deluxe ($18.50) and added one egg ($2.50) which was more than I wanted to pay for a dish I knew I wasn’t going to really enjoy.

About 10minutes later, coffee arrived and was quite a nice blend.

Close enough to 30minutes later, our food arrived. I noticed two things, Ms. DeG’s portion was huge and mine had green leaves!

Ms. DeG had seen this dish served before, hence wanting to try it herself. The waffles were deliciously crunchy which she said was amazing as there is nothing worse than soggy waffles. The date cacao sauce wasn’t aย huge hit with Ms. DeG but I liked that element (of course I did)! Ms. DeG also loved the vanilla ice-cream and commented that it was light in taste. The drizzle and reductions were tasty and added more sweetness to the dish also. This wouldn’t be a dish that I would personally order but Ms. DeG loves a sweet breakfast and said she would definitely order it again. It was great value for money.

Melbourne blogger, food blogger, perth, urban projuice, vegetarian, coffee

My carrot and sweet potato fritters were deliciously crispy on the outside and tasted great. I was kicking myself that I didn’t get another egg as it was quite a dry dish with only one egg. The minted peas were missing and I didn’t get much taste from the accompanying sauces, however the pomegranate pearls were very present. I would have loved to simply order the fritters with poached eggs and think this dish is seriously overpriced for what it is.

Melbourne blogger, food blogger, perth, urban projuice, vegetarian, coffee

Would I go back? No I wouldn’t as the menu does not suit my personal taste, however it might be your type of menu if you are looking for a very healthy menu or vegan friendly. I would have enjoyed it more if I had been able to choose from a few ‘add-ons’ like the fritters, and pair it with an eggs on toast option.

My Rating: 2.5/5 (Mainly for Ms. DeG’s dish)

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  1. I have the worst sweet tooth so I would be all over those waffles. You are totally right about your meal though, it did seem a bit too pricy. Great review ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emma | Rosy Disposition


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