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Copyright Lisa Carolan- Perth BloggerHealth Freak Cafe are clearly doing something right as they have recently opened at a new location in Mount Lawley.

Like me, you may have visited the Scarborough Health Freak Café and enjoyed it as much as I did, of course I was keen to try out a new location.

On arrival, Health Freak Cafe was rather busy but by the time we were ready to order, three seats became free at the open window.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Health Freak Cafe but the menu was definitely different to my last visit. There were pages and pages of options, this is great but where do you start to make a decision?

In the end, I decided on the Sweet Potato Fritters ($19), Ms. D went for the Protein Bruschetta ($18) and the newest addition to our breakfast mob, Ms. G went for the Paleo Stuffed Kale White Egg Omelette ($18.20).
We also ordered drinks to accompany our breakfasts. Now that the hard part of the visit was over, we were able to sit and take in the surroundings. I noticed quite a lot outdoor seating, however, the weather was not great on this particular morning so there were quite a few empty seats.
Our drinks arrived shortly after ordering. I asked for a ‘large’ Long Black and that’s exactly what I got! Ms. D ordered a Latte. Ms. G needed a little morning kick and ordered a protein smoothie, the Berry Fit, it was a pricey $10.

Copyright Lisa Carolan- Perth Blogger

Ms. D’s Protein Bruschetta arrived first. The presentation of the dish was really attractive and the colours made it extra appealing.
The protein bread was delicious and filling. The avocado was beautifully seasoned and a perfect contrast to the fresh chunky salsa. Ms. D said everything was a perfect portion size to ensure she had enough of each element for every bite. In Ms. D’s words, ‘oh Lisa, you would be happy with these eggs’, they were perfectly poached and oozed a delicious runny yolk when pierced. The shaved parmesan was a light touch and a nice finish to the dish.

Copyright Lisa Carolan- Perth Blogger

My dish also looked great on arrival. The star of the dish were the potato fritters, they had an unusual textured filling inside a lightly crispy coating. The fritters were more like potato cakes than fritters, tasty all the same. The fritters were sitting on a bed of spinach that was described as wilted but it didn’t look or taste that way. It was nicely dressed so I was ok with that.
I too had perfectly poached eggs and a thick piece of haloumi to top off the dish. The haloumi added some extra salt to the dish and I’m a huge haloumi fan! I would definitely order the dish again.

Copyright Lisa Carolan- Perth Blogger

Ms. G’s omelette did not spend much time on her plate so I guess you could say that she thoroughly enjoyed it. I was lucky enough to taste the spicy sauce across the top of the omelette and this really added some heat to the omelette itself. Ms. G is quite the spice and heat lover so she really enjoyed the omelette and it was easy to see why as it was gobbled up. The Omelette itself was moist and flavoursome and packed with kale, capsicums, tomatoes and mushrooms. Ms. G said that the portion size was perfect, and in her words, ‘did the job and filled the spot’.

Copyright Lisa Carolan- Perth Blogger

When I thought about how I wanted to rate our experience, I had a look at what Health Freak Cafe was rated by previous customers. I was very surprised to see the reviews and the low ratings.

I guess any cafe/restaurant can have a bad day, but, we were certainly here on a good day the café was busy the service was quick and we really enjoyed our breakfast. I also managed to pick up a VIP card which meant we had 10% of our breakfast and we’ll have 10% off in future also. I also will look forward to enjoying a free breakfast on my birthday which is coming up over the next few weeks, thanks Health Freak Café, we will be back!

My Rating: 4.0

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  1. This was good to hear, thank you for sharing. I’d just heard that the service wasn’t great at one of the places so I haven’t been, but like you say, there are good and bad days, so it sounds worth a try. Cheers. Jenelle

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