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live-life-health-freak-cafeI can never pass an opportunity to go for a nice breakfast and after seeing Health Freak Cafe in Westfield Innaloo, we had to check it out.

I’ve been to quite a few of the Health Freak Cafes now and I have never been disappointed~ Health Freak Cafe Scarborough / Health Freak Cafe Mount Lawley.

There is ample indoor and outdoor seating, we opted for an indoor table as it was quite a hot and humid morning.

I grabbed us a menu, which is literally huge, and went to our table. The menu is fabulous, there are lots of healthy choices but you don’t read the menu feeling like you are missing out on anything and there is something for everyone.

Both Ms. D and I were after something light but enough to fill us up a little and Ms. G was a little more hungry and looked at some larger menu options. Ms. D ordered the Bruschetta ($18.50), Ms. G ordered the Protein Chicken & Avocado Burger $15.50). I tossed between the Sweet Potato Haloumi Stack ($19) and the Smoked Salmon with Poached Eggs ($19.50) but went for the Sweet Potato Stack, the thoughts of haloumi on my breakfast won me over!

We ordered coffees which were delivered shortly but they were quickly brushed aside when our breakfast arrived.

Ms. D’s breakfast looked refreshing with the contrast of diced red tomatoes and the smashed avocado peaking out from under the poached eggs. The eggs were poached perfectly and the addition of the crumbed feta worked beautifully with the tomatoes and smashed avocado. We all agreed that we love the choice of toast served a Health Freak Cafe so that was a winner too.

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I mentioned Ms. G was a little hungrier than Ms. D and I and this breakfast was as big as it looked. The tower of ingredients in the burger looked visually appealing but were very tasty in Ms. G’s opinion. One might think that a burger with such a price tag should come with fries but the bun and everything that was sandwiched between it was worth it. The chicken was cooked juicy and it was surrounded by a fresh crunchy salad. Ms. G particularly enjoyed the bun as she said it wasn’t as filling as a regular burger. Unfortunately, the burger defeated Ms. G so this is definitely for the hungry person at your table!

Health Freak Cafe, Innaloo, Lifestyle by Lily, food blogger, Perth, Melbourne, breakfast,


My breakfast was equally delicious. I simply cannot pass the opportunity to have some sort of hot cakes with poached eggs. The fact that this dish also had grilled haloumi was the icing on the cake (not literally). I had a decent portion of spinach and when I broke into those poached eggs, the yolks oozed and I was able to mop it up with the slightly crunch sweet potato fritters…yum!

Health Freak Cafe, Innaloo, Lifestyle by Lily, food blogger, Perth, Melbourne, breakfast,

I can definitely say I will return and I know that Ms. D and Ms. G go here quite often…it’s a winner! Also in the area is Lot Six Zero.

My Rating: 4.8


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  1. Hi Lisa! I am a new Perth based food blog, and I love your posts! I love the stories behind them, the detail that goes into them and the intimate, relatable feel attached to your posts which is something I hope to achieve in my own blog so that my followers can use my blog for real advice! I have also visited the Health freak Cafe in Innaloo before and had a great experience! When I visited the cafe I ordered the Bruschetta and my friend ordered one of the chicken burgers with a gluten free bun. The atmosphere was lovely as I recall and the people were nice and quick to serve us! However the food was slightly underwhelming to my friend and I as the Bruschetta was full of tomato and seemingly not that much else, and the gluten free bun of my friends burger fell apart instantly making it hard to eat. We still enjoyed the overall experience though as the food was still very fresh and tasted good! Im wondering what other menu items I could try, or whether there are any other great healthy cafes offering similar items that you know of, in Perth? Your post was a lovely read!

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